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Privacy Statement

placementOne recognizes that individuals with whom we conduct business value their privacy. This statement is our commitment to privacy.

placementOne will treat all applicant information with discretion and confidentiality. All candidates will be contacted for permission before we will send out their resume, curriculum vitae or registration form(s); however, once delivered to the potential employer, such documentation is out of our direct control and we cannot guarantee that each potential employer has the same policy of confidentiality.

placementOne does not assume responsibility for the privacy practices nor the content of other sites to which the placementOne website is linked. 

Visitors are able to send e-mail through this site, and their messages will contain their user's screen name and email address, as well as any additional information the user may wish to include in the message ("Contact Information"). Users retain the right to access Contact Information submitted by them. Opportunities to send e-mail through the site are not acts of solicitation of identifying information by placementOne ; rather, e-mail options let individuals send comments and communications to us.

By providing placementOne with a copy of a user's resume, the user explicitly and unambiguously consents to the processing of such resume by placementOne and its existing or prospective clients. Resumes that are submitted to us in response to information on this site are forwarded to the appropriate persons within placementOne for consideration and response, at their discretion. E-mail and resumes are retained or disposed of at the recipient's discretion.

Communication over the internet can lead to the inadvertent discovery or disclosure of electronically transmitted confidential messages. Because absolute security of information is not possible (at this time), interception or loss of information may occur.

placementOne website only collects personally identifying information during submission of a resume, curriculum vitae or registration form. Personally identifying information will only be used by the company to enable the dissemination of information regarding possible opportunities that we feel may be appealing to the user. 

While personally identifying information will not be sold or rented to others, we occasionally work with other professional personnel recruiting firms in major business centers throughout Canada and across the world. The benefits the user may expect as a result of
placementOne use of personally identifying information will include: enabling the user to remain current regarding possible opportunities that we may feel are appealing, and our ability to process job opportunities more quickly.

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